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Greetings Pseudonyms!

Welcome to the Pseudoblog. We will be using this as a place to update you and share everything we are creating, both behind the scenes as well as project info. We want to share our exciting and overwhelming journey with you and would love to have you along for the ride.

But! Before we can share all those juicy details about our upcoming experiences, we are seeking help to create them.


We are now hiring! We have creative, technical, and administrative jobs available in part-time and freelance positions, many of which could lead to full time jobs in the future.

The full listing of available positions can be found here or under the “join us” tab above.


We are seeking partners and supporters! Even if you’re not looking for a job, there are many other ways you can become part of what we are creating and help us achieve our ambitious visions. From a variety of strategic partners to performing arts to financial contributions, we’d love to hear from anyone who wants to help us build vibrant worlds of mystery and intrigue.

Please visit to let us know what you can offer to help us on our journey.


Pseudonym Productions is now in Philadelphia for the near future because we believe this is a beautiful place to grow as a company. While in grad school at University of Pennsylvania, I met Nikhil Menezes (our Lead World Builder) and spent a year developing the theory and concepts behind what it means to merge architecture, gaming, and theater together for my thesis. Philly is where the idea sparked, but it was during our 4 years in Orlando where that spark came alive beginning with The Republic – and with all of you.

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As we prepare to announce new experiences we are currently creating, we wanted to reach out to all our longtime followers, fans, and players first.

We also want to say THANK YOU to our wonderful Penumbra citizens, Second Strain Addicts, Labyrinth dwellers, Influencers, and NeoGa enthusiasts. It’s really because of YOU that I can keep dreaming up new worlds and ways for you to play together within those worlds.

There are thriving art, theater, and gaming scenes up here in Philadelphia, but there is nothing like what we do here. The city also close to New York, D.C., and Baltimore so there are many new audiences we can reach.

Also, we are not quite yet ready to compete for attention with the big theme parks down in Orlando… yet. We would love to create another experience in Orlando one day, when the time is right, and when we can move into a space that isn’t a hot and nasty warehouse. (Good real estate is expensive in Orlando and hard to come by!)

As some of you may know, we recently completed the Creative Startups accelerator program, which was a fantastic bootcamp in growing and running a business. We are actively working on transitioning from just creating one-off projects to launching a successful, sustainable business that will enable us to keep creating for years to come – at an scale far larger than anything we’ve done in the past. But it takes time and some strategic moves for us to get there.

We would love for you to not just follow along with our journey, but be a part of it. Again, if you’re excited about how you can join Pseudonym Productions, please visit this page and let us know any ways you can help.

What started as a simple dream to create places for interesting, unique, beautiful people to connect has turned into a community, so I will forever be eternally grateful!


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