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Those following us on our Pseudonym Productions and DARK PASSAGE social media accounts have been getting an early glimpse into the latest Halloween madness that players will step into when our newest immersive experience officially debuts on October 4th.

After weeks of silence on this blog, now that we are within 2 weeks of opening DARK PASSAGE, we thought we’d offer a further glimpse into the mysteries of this new experience – without giving away too many surprises.

DARK PASSAGE takes players on a journey to the afterlife, entering a realm called Obscurum through which all souls pass when they pass on from whichever realm they came. But a tear in reality has allowed early passage into this realm and now the living (that’s you) are able to enter without dying first. Fancy that. This tear has created chaos across Obscurum and reality itself is beginning to unravel.

The longer you spend in Obscurum, the more you’ll lose yourself. This isn’t an experience where you strictly follow a character’s path. This is your journey. And you’re bound to question everything the more time you spend inside.

And the more you look at the details – and discover hidden secrets – the more you realize that nothing is quite as it seems.

Take a closer look…

What does it all mean? Does it mean anything?

You’ll just have to enter DARK PASSAGE to find out, especially after a drink or two in the Strange Spirits Lounge. Sometimes clouding the mind is the shortest path toward clarity.

DARK PASSAGE debuts on October 4th. Get your tickets now.

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