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Six months in the making – including a 3-month pandemic delay – we have released the 2020 Immersive Entertainment Industry Annual Report, now available to download for free.

More than 100 pages in length, this report offers detailed analysis of the state of the Immersive Entertainment Industry as it stood prior to the onset of COVID-19 – a place that we can all strive to return to and surpass in the months ahead.

This report is written by Pseudonym’s Ricky Brigante and Sarah A.S. Elger, edited by Noah Nelson (No Proscenium), published by the HERE Institute via the newly launched Everything Immersive website.

In the past year, the Immersive Entertainment Industry has achieved a huge leap over the prior year. The industry has continued to be fueled by tremendous growth in themed entertainment – including theme parks and haunted attractions – as well as a growing excitement for virtual reality. But the innovations of immersive art experiences have really broken ground with new businesses models catching hold as new markets begin to form throughout the world, adopting these new types of experiences.

This is the field on which Walt Disney built an empire, beginning with animated films that launched him into revolutionizing entertainment through his development of the original immersive entertainment: theme parks. Now we are on the verge of another entertainment revolution, one in which the next generation of innovators are pushing boundaries and dazzling audiences with spectacles unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Download the report today to learn where the Immersive Entertainment Industry has been – and is headed!

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