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Industry Experience

Our team has worked with the world’s most famous names in themed entertainment:

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Our Core Team

Sarah A.S. Elger
Founder & Creative Director

• Designed theme park attractions for Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, NASA, Chimelong

• Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania

Ricky Brigante
VP & Creative Technologist

• Founder & Editor of Inside the Magic

• Serial entrepreneur

• Computer Science from Georgia Tech

Nikhil Menezes
World & Story Builder

• MA in Intellectual History from University of London

• Pursuing PhD in politics at Princeton

Themed Entertainment Work History

Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Universal Orlando Resort

Volcano Bay

Universal Orlando Resort


Themed Entertainment News Outlet

Industry Expertise

Keynote Presentations, Panel Discussions, Published Reports & Articles

Our Awesome Advisors

Corvas Brinkerhoff

• SVP of Experience Design & Co-Founder, Meow Wolf

David Kantor

• Business Advisor, Meow Wolf

• Partner, Santa Fe Advisors

Tim O’Day

• Former Disney Marketing Exec

• Owner, The TO’DAY Group, an award-winning consultancy

Lena Ramfelt, PhD

• Professor, Stanford

• Author, Gear Up

Production Credits

We work with top talent from the themed entertainment industry… who are also our friends.

Designers, Writers, Artists, and Staff

Nathanael White, William Dodson, Timothy Logan, Alan Ostrander, Eric Garcia, David O’Connell, Kayedee Parrish, Joe Neugs, Kyle Ransbottom, Winter Ramos, Lauren Morrison, Kellie Rhianne Smith, Irene Pynn, Robert Cunha, Melody Austin, Adam McCabe, Damien Carrion, Kathryn Fabbroni, Chris Brown, Melissa Sasse, Greg Nicolett, Ray Keim, Phil Burgos, Kyler Wilson, Steve Spalding, Roby Brown, Jennifer Ritter, David Zellar


Hillary Shurtleff, Robert Cunha, Rachel Comeau, Leo Uhakheme, Barry White, Michael Corinella, Joe Hall, Brett Carson, Jeff Smith, Meghan Marsh, Lauren Morrison, Shanel Sparr, Cassandra Heinrich, Britt Chase-Shellee, Brian Roman, Michelle Papaycik, Andrew Emery, Laura Lewis, Robert Kaplinger, Marlee Matuszek, Sam Matuszek, Mike McGowan, Waylon Foskey, Hailey Vasi, Alana Harris, Steve Austin, Karlie Blair, Terence Leclere, Justin Andrew Jones, John Adams, Lyn Adams, Clare Ghezzi, Chris Brown, Jana Bernard, Kathryn Fabbroni, Emmi Green, Spencer Hojdila, Keith Traver, Anthony Maury, Michael Sloan, Kim Lopez, Jim Inzirillo, Gustavo Rodriguez, Corey Volence, Ada Bobola, Aaron Glogowski, Maria Ragen, Meshullom Richma, Steven Finkle, Vernon Schmidt, Lucie Allouche, Brian Alford, Venetrix Rey-Pop

In loving memory of Steven Kabick.

Operations Staff

Allie Fishman, Angela White, Marissa Murphy, Corey Salyer, Brian Rangell, Phillip Hargett