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All your burning questions answered. Well, most of them. Some mysteries are best revealed in person…


An all-new immersive Halloween experience debuting in Philadelphia in October 2019. This unique experience blends elements of live theater, discovery, and incredible moments you’ll want to share with others. You’ll step beyond reality into Obscurum, a realm between life and death. From there, an evening of exploration, drinking, socializing, and endless Halloween-infused surprises await those with a thirst for one-of-a-kind chills.

What are the event dates?

This unique experience is open 20 nights: October 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31; November 1, 2. Nightly hours of operation are: 7pm – 12am. (Doors open up to 30 minutes early on peak nights.)

Where is DARK PASSAGE located?

You’ll find entrance to DARK PASSAGE through simple, nondescript door at 1004 Buttonwood St, Philadelphia, PA 19123. It may look like an old abandoned warehouse on the outside, but we assure you we are lurking within. Don’t expect giant flashing lights or neon signs outside.

Is parking available? is it walkable? should we take the train?

We recommend walking from Center City (it’s an easy walk from Reading Terminal Market) or the nearby 7th St & Spring Garden St train stop, or simply arriving via ride share. The fewer cars in the area, the better.

If you must drive, we do have a FREE parking lot available that holds roughly 50 vehicles, but we share it with other nearby businesses. There is some street parking in the area, but it fills up fast. Owners of nearby lots may try to entice you to their convenient “Event Parking” locations, but please note we are not affiliated with them.

How long can i stay in DARK PASSAGE?

How long you remain is up to you. Between exploring and interacting with the immersive experience and drinking and socializing in our Strange Spirits Lounge, you may stay as long as you wish until closing at 12am – though most guests will stay between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

How much are tickets?

Prices vary by date and availability. Single-Night Admission starts at $35 online and $45 at the door. The limited “Thirsty For More” Pass offers unlimited access across all 20 nights starting at $79 online and $89 at the door. Prices increase on peak nights and will rise as availability dwindles, so book early. Tickets can be purchased here.

What will i do and see inside DARK PASSAGE?

This immersive experience is an evening of unexpected discoveries and encounters. Without giving too much away: Upon arriving to our location, you’ll scan your ticket to be admitted directly into the Strange Spirits Lounge. In this social space perched on the edge of reality, you’ll have opportunities to enjoy a themed cocktail or two while discovering clues as to what awaits you beyond life itself.

When ready, you may freely step through the portal into Obscurum, another realm between life and death (and the perfect shareable moment to capture). From there, you’ll explore more than 6,000 square feet of surreal visuals and cross paths with inhabitants of this realm who are eager to send you down some dark paths of discovery, should you decide to choose their side. What you do from there is entirely up to you…

is DARK PASSAGE scary?

That depends on your own fears. We won’t try to startle you, but you may find yourself immersed in darkness and face-to-face with some unsettling visuals along with unusual inhabitants of another realm. Of course, with a drink in-hand, you should be up for a few new adventures in the afterlife, right? Step outside your comfort zone and see what’s on the other side…

What is an immersive experience?

We create stories and worlds where you become swept away. Immersive entertainment surrounds you with vibrant sets that come alive through inventive lighting and sound design, interactive elements, and unexpected performances. The result feels like stepping outside reality and into another realm.

Is this a haunted house?

Definitely not. There are no startle scares or actors jumping out at you in this experience. There is no conga line or single way to walk through. Think of it more as an open-ended evening of mystery, exploration, and discovery amidst inventive visuals, roaming interactive performance art, and elements of live theater. Within all that, there is certainly no shortage of the strange and unusual for you to encounter…

Is this an Escape Room?

Nope. While some of our designers have created interactions for popular escape rooms all over the country, this experience is something decidedly different. Those seeking puzzles won’t find any, but instead as you wander our darkened halls, you may stumble down endless rabbit holes and you never know where you may end up – or with whom…

Can I take pictures?

Absolutely – and there are a few moments that are incredibly shareable. But as you wander the darkened halls, you’ll soon realize that the best experience is one without your phone. We do ask that you refrain from using a flash when taking pictures, please. To borrow a phrase from the world’s most famous haunted mansion: Our spirits are frightfully sensitive to bright lights.

How should I dress? Can I come in costume?

We encourage you to dress as you wish to be seen, especially for the spooky season. Come in a comfortable costume or hauntingly haute attire if you like – but nothing bulky. No masks, please. Comfortable shoes are strongly recommended for exploring. Please do not bring any large bags or backpacks.

Is DARK PASSAGE indoors?

The DARK PASSAGE experience and Strange Spirits Lounge are 100% indoors, set inside a 6,000+ square foot themed venue in Spring Garden. No matter the weather on Earth, you’ll find the climate delightful in the realm of Obscurum – though you might want to watch out for Flares…


The team at Pseudonym Productions are the twisted minds behind this experience. We have been creating unique immersive experiences for the past 5 years in Orlando, Florida and now we are thrilled to be bringing our inventive entertainment to audiences in Philadelphia. Our creative team includes designers who have helped develop theme parks and attractions including Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and Philadelphia’s own Terror Behind the Walls.

Is DARK PASSAGE accessible?

Yes. While the main entrance requires climbing 1 flight of stairs, guests needing special assistance may be escorted to use the elevator upon request. DARK PASSAGE does allow for wheelchair access throughout the majority of the experience.

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