Virtual Frights {2020} – pseudonym productions
online {2020}
VirtualFrights came together out of a desire to make Halloween more fun for 2020 by reducing some of the disappointment felt by all of us who are saddened by our favorite haunted attractions and mega-events also not opening this year.

As the pandemic of 2020 stretched on longer than anyone anticipated, it became increasingly clear to us that for the first time in several years we would not be able to produce a live physical Halloween experience this year. We start-stopped a few projects, but ultimately decided to focus our attention to evolving our ongoing vision for digital entertainment as a continued complement to our in-person productions.

With this new site, we aimed to share the frights of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights (to start) in a fun and interactive way, by curating what we believe is the best video content from 29.5 years of that incredible event. We hope to give fans the easiest way to find, access, and enjoy the the massive amount of haunt experience content that’s already online. Consider us your go-to distributor of Halloween frights online.

We also have a plan to begin offering original immersive Halloween / horror themed digital experiences for people to participate in worldwide, which will materialize over time under the Virtual Frights brand.

For that, in the spirit of the most memorable Halloween Horror Nights characters, we have created our own “icons” to represent this new site and its many forthcoming experiences. They’re called the GRIN REAPERS – and their story has already begun unfolding for those who join THE ORDER.

Digging through the Virtual Frights site will reveal some special sinister surprises, more of which will continue to surface well beyond spooky season.

{ creative team }

creative director, co-writer:

sarah a.s. elger

technical director, co-writer, logo design, web development & design:

ricky brigante

spooky ambient music:

william dodson

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