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pseudonym productions is connecting the world through unexpected experiences that engage, entertain, and captivate.

effortlessly entertaining.

unforgettably meaningful.

endlessly interactive.

It’s like David Lynch meets The Matrix.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


“Step out of your reality and into a masterfully woven experience.

This is one of the best immersive experiences EVER.

I am a fan, and want to revisit this world many, many times.”

J. Michael Roddy
Show & Creative Director
Walt Disney World & Universal Studios
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we create:


(like theme parks)


(like immersive theater)


(like real-life video games)

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or simply be entertained

Come to our experiences to take a vacation from life.

Explore fictional worlds of mystery, connect with new friends and play as yourself – or as whoever you wish to be.

Pseudonym Productions creates thrilling immersive experiences that encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, live differently – and question reality.

From our humble beginnings at the University of Pennsylvania to 5 years of wildly creative productions in Orlando, Pseudonym Productions has recently returned to Philadelphia to present the first in a series of increasingly ambitious immersive experiences.

Across vibrant worlds, engagingly unique performances, and astonishing visceral thrills, you’ll discover that every story and every adventure has a soul.

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Our experiences surround you with imaginative, otherworldly sensations that will stay with you long after your journey ends.

In a world where social life is changing as people crave more adventure in their lives, we create experiences that connect people in meaningful and unexpected ways.

Inspired by interactive video games, our experiences transport you to a world unlike your own, where appearances deceive and even the familiar feels entirely foreign. No headsets. No controllers. This is not virtual reality – it’s real reality.

You can always expect the unexpected, as nothing is ever as it seems.

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