Immersive Design & Business Consulting – pseudonym productions
we're eager to arm you with the tools needed to create unforgettable, immersive experiences that stick around for years to come.

Business Consulting

Creating revolutionary new immersive experiences requires an innovative, creative mind. But creative success doesn’t always translate to financial success. We can help you get there.

Through workshops, training courses, and personalized coaching we can offer you the skills to shift your mindset from thinking like an artist to working like an entrepreneur.

We can help walk you through the creation of a business plan and all the spreadsheets you’ll ever need to set the groundwork for your passion to become a sustainable, profitable, long-lasting business.

If you dream to make a career out of creating immersive experiences that stand the test of time and leave a lasting impact on people for years to come, contact us to arrange a free 30-minute consulting session.

Custom Design Services

We offer design services to help bring to life physical and digital immersive experiences for your brand, event, or organization.

Since 2015, our team has produced wildly creative, 100% original experiences for our own productions. We’d love to talk to you about how we can can do the same for you, engaging audiences across memorable adventures with your IP, brand, and story.

As part of our services, we offer consulting about:

  • future of immersive design
  • the value of immersive design
  • why include immersive design in your business
  • how to get started in creating immersive experiences
  • Contact us to discuss the possibilities. We’d love to help you bring new fantastical worlds to life.