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Discover the fun and future of themed entertainment & immersive experiences in this all-new podcast from Pseudonym Productions, starring a former Disney Imagineer / theme park designer + the creator of the pioneering theme park podcast Inside the Magic.
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What happens when an entire industry goes off the rails?

We go... Trackless.

We all had plans. We had a path. Now the world has forced us to change. To pivot. To venture the road less traveled.

Arriving in a world of uncertainty, Trackless is an all-new podcast that welcomes those who are paving the way to the new future of themed entertainment and immersive experiences of all kinds.

This fun, upbeat show brings you inside the curious world of themed entertainment through the lens of Pseudonym Productions, featuring insights and conversations with industry colleagues, mentors, and friends to offer captivating stories about creativity and innovation - and a whole lot of laughs.

Trackless is both about unforgettable experiences as well as those who designed them.

"It's no secret that we were sticking just about every nickel we had on the chance that people would really be interested in something totally new and unique in the field of entertainment."
- Walt Disney

About the Trackless podcast

The Fun

From the fantastical worlds of theme parks to exciting new forms of immersive entertainment, Trackless transports you on an "off the rails" journey into imagination, innovation, and extraordinary fun.

Join us as we guide you on an exploration of inventive attractions, virtual adventures, and mysterious real-life encounters.

This bi-weekly show gives you a curated look at the best of today's entertainment revolution, spotlighting the most immersive experiences, places, and attractions across unforgettable travel destinations and in your own backyard.

The name "Trackless" felt perfectly fitting for this show. It's inspired by today's innovative theme park ride vehicle systems that don't follow a specific tracked path, giving riders a feeling of venturing off into uncharted territory. But the name's true meaning is even more important, offering a positive outlook on the otherwise currently uncertain future of themed entertainment and immersive experiences. We are a resilliant industry and this is our way of bringing us together to share what we are most excited about, today and tomorrow.

But Trackless is definitely not just "inside baseball" industry talk. (If anything, we're much more Blaseball than baseball...) Through fun segments, surprising stories, and unexpected special guests, this show offers an inside and behind-the-scenes look at mind-bending entertainment that's sure to excite every experience seeker and theme park fan. It's the best way to discover your next great entertainment adventure, through the eyes of designers, experts, and fans alike.

The Features

We're passionate about themed entertainment and the immersive experiences we create (and participate in), so we know it'll be a blast to share that excitement with you!

We're equally excited about those who are curious. We champion those who make bold choices to take risks, veer off the guiderails, enter uncharted territory, and question reality.

Each episode of Trackless features stories of how and why innovators in themed entertainment went down new paths and what unexpected challenges they have come across along the way. We aim to learn from the spark and heart behind the innovative work and what connections they needed to make to create something entirely new.

Pseudonym Productions has been creating innovative entertainment for more than 5 years - and we aim to support those who do the same.

Our fictional stories and immersive worlds feature characters who are bold and curious. We attract audiences / players who are bold and curious. And now, through Trackless, we offer a connection to innovators who embody that same spirit.

The Hosts

Trackless is hosted by former theme park designer Sarah A.S. Elger and creator and former host of the Inside the Magic podcast Ricky Brigante, who together are the minds behind the curious world of Pseudonym Productions - and are also married. And somehow don't hate each other.

...why now?

6 months with no Disneyland.
6 months with no cruise ships.
6 months with no Broadway shows.
6 months with no Sleep No More.
6 months with no Meow Wolf.
Countless seasonal attractions cancelled - including our own.
28,000 layoffs at Disney - including 400 Imagineers.
Hundreds let go from Universal Creative.

Attendance plummeting for attractions that have reopened.
Travel and tourism are at extreme lows.
Countless freelancers out of work.
Top themed entertainment companies in the world letting go the top talent in the world

But... There will always be a themed entertainment industry.
It won't necessarily look the same as it has for the last 70 years, but there will always be a desire for escapist entertainment.
Innovation and creativity will lead the way.
We all just have to feel safe first.

Now, in an industry with an uncertain future, those who have always worked behind NDAs can finally speak - and design - for themselves!

The Future

Trackless was originally intended to launch in early 2020. From the beginning, we intended to feature the most unique and exciting attractions and experiences that are rapidly evolving the world of themed entertainment. Then 2020 happened. Entertainment shut down. Travel and tourism stopped. Theme parks closed. And, sadly, tens of thousands of incredible designers and themed entertainment employees have lost their jobs.

Over the last few years, there has been so much incredible work produced in the immersive entertainment, stretching far beyond the major corporate theme parks. Most people haven't seen 99% of it. But so much of this new work has been mind-blowing - and truly unlike anything a theme park could ever offer.

When Walt Disney created the first theme park more than 60 years ago, he introduced the world to what it means to be fully immersed in another reality through the stories of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

Immersive entertainment has since evolved beyond theme parks into many other new forms of entertainment. But through the decades, so much of it has been "on rails," leading audiences through a passive, linear experience that's the same every time.

Not anymore. Today's immersive entertainment demands interactivity and choices - the ability for audiences to choose their own adventures and live out their own stories. These experiences emerge on the cutting edge of innovation in entertainment technology. They're shifting the line between what is real and what is imagined, offering a chance to lose yourself in alternate realities and unforgettable fantasy worlds.

It's through these thrilling new forms of entertainment that new businesses will form, as designers become entrepreneurs and create their own independent attractions, installations, and immersive experiences. Innovation will arrive in an incredible variety of local and regional experiences that will satisfy people's craving for escapist entertainment and amaze attendees with something they've never seen before.

It's no easy task to independently bring creative concepts to life without the support of the world's biggest entertainment companies. Trust us, we know. Born of the theme park world, we've been creating original immersive experiences for the past 5+ years, two steps forward and one step back with each innovative approach. In an industry where most themed attractions cost millions of dollars to produce, it's extra difficult for a new company to get off the ground, combining all the difficulties every startup faces with the ultra-high expectations of fans who are used to immersive entertainment at theme park-scale.

By thinking differently, scaling down, and focusing in on what people love, inventive new forms of entertainment have begun to emerge.

No matter where the future takes us, we're here to bring you along for the ride.

So come join us for a journey into the future of imagination, innovation, and extraordinary fun!

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