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Pseudonym Productions has produced seven original, live-action immersive experiences with an emphasis on open world gameplay, branching narratives, and meaningful interactions that connect people together in unexpected, memorable ways. Each new interactive experience we create carves a new path of immersive innovation.

The PSEUDOVERSE – the shared fantastical universe for all our creations – seizes upon an ever-changing world to offer an incredible vision of a reality in which every individual can make wondrous things happen. We harness the infinite power of art, entertainment and adventure to build immersive experiences that break down the border between fantasy and reality.

Philadelphia Inquirer praised our work as something “you can’t miss in Philly” while Comcast NBCUniversal described our interactive creations as “unlike anything ever seen,” leaving guests “immersed in an alternate universe.” Broadway World has hailed Pseudonym as creating “uniquely entertaining experiences.”

Whether online or in real life, our experiences surround you with imaginative, otherworldly sensations that will stay with you long after your journey ends.

The Republic

THE REPUBLIC was a proof-of-concept experience that established the foundation for our future interactive productions. billed as a “real life video game,” this experience mashed up elements of immersive theater with gaming to allow players to truly control the weird world around them. 

When Shadows Fall

WHEN SHADOWS FALL combined live performance with clever interactions and fully immersive environments to create an entirely unique experience – a thrilling new form of interactive entertainment.

Players explored a hyperreal world filled with shocking visuals, live actors, a rousing original musical score, and cinematic lighting, and interactions that brought familiar video game mechanics to real life. 


CATHARSIS was our opportunity to enter the realm of halloween time experiences. this 30-minute immersive haunted experience deviated from the traditional haunted houses orlando is famous for, replacing long winding conga lines with intimate, personal horror. 

A Study of Dreams

A STUDY OF DREAMS was our most intimate and personal endeavor to date, limited to just 10 players at a time in a journey lasting roughly 1.5 hours.

Despite coming to life during Halloween season, this live interactive experience was not a haunted house nor an escape room. there were no “boo” scares, startles, clowns, or chainsaws. this was a slow descent into a tale of horror, a mad world designed for you to get lost in.

Players stepped beyond their everyday consciousness into a realm of mystery, where they controlled your dreams – until nightmares took control of them.

No Filter

#NOFILTER consumed the lives of hundreds of players for 6 weeks of interacting online and in person with a satirical story of social media gone horribly wrong (you know, just like real-life social media). 

With nearly 200,000 page views on the custom social network we built as the hub for the experience, our players logged a combined total of more than 5,200 hours of play time, including texting, emailing, receiving phone calls, engaging with elaborate video content, and attending live events in Orlando, Los Angeles, and New York.

The Secret Ball

THE SECRET BALL was a custom event for a client, a 3-day immersive experience to transform a luxury weekend in new york city into a sexy spy thriller. set in the heart of Times Square, this event brought together 60 discerning attendees for an unforgettable weekend of dark deals and dark desires.

Dark Passage

A spine-tingling experience that blended elements of theater, art, and game play with Halloween-infused surprises that included a themed bar perched on the edge of reality. This surreal adventure was neither a traditional “haunted house” nor a linear experience, but a story filled with mystery that left it up to every guest to decide what was real and discover their own place amid the chaos.

Production Credits

Creative Team

Nikhil Menezes,Nathanael White, Greg Nicolett, Dave “doc” O’connell, Eric Garcia, Ray Keim, Phil Burgos, William Dodson, Winter Ramos, Lauren Morrison, Kellie Rhianne Smith, Alan Ostrander, Kayedee Parrish, Irene Pynn, Adam Mccabe, Timothy Logan, Joe Neugs, Kyle Ransbottom, Steve Spalding, Jennifer Ritter, David Zellar, Roby Brown, Tom Knabe, Chris Kleckner


Hillary Shurtleff, Robert Cunha, Rachel Comeau, Leo Uhakheme, Barry White, Michael Corinella, Joe Hall, Brett Carson, Jeff Smith, Meghan Marsh, Lauren Morrison, Shanel Sparr, Cassandra Heinrich, Britt Chase-Shellee, Brian Roman, Michelle Papaycik, Andrew Emery, Laura Lewis, Robert Kaplinger, Marlee Matuszek, Sam Matuszek, Mike McGowan, Waylon Foskey, Hailey Vasi, Alana Harris, Steve Austin, Karlie Blair, Terence Leclere, Justin Andrew Jones, John Adams, Lyn Adams, Clare Ghezzi, Chris Brown, Jana Bernard, Kathryn Fabbroni, Emmi Green, Spencer Hojdila, Keith Traver, Anthony Maury, Michael Sloan, Kim Lopez, Jim Inzirillo, Gustavo Rodriguez, Corey Volence, Ada Bobola, Aaron Glogowski, Maria Ragen, Meshullom Richma, Steven Finkle, Vernon Schmidt, Lucie Allouche, Brian Alford, Venetrix Rey-Pop, Theodosia Mayfield, Chris Silansky, Noah Levine, Ivy Leone, Myriam Bloom, Jessica Marino, Jake Lucas, Dave Hoffenson

In loving memory of Steven Kabick.

Operations Staff

Allie Fishman, Angela White, Marissa Murphy, Corey Salyer, Brian Rangell, Phillip Hargett, Catherine Martin, Kyle Barber, Dustin Genereux, Bria Cannon, Stephen Palladino

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