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what the press is saying about us

Players and press alike can’t seem to say enough incredible things about the experiences we create. We are humbled by their kind words.


“turns elements of live theater into a first-person gaming experience”

“unlike anything ever seen”

“imaginative, monumental architecture”

“Something surprising, something a little bit sexy, and something altogether sinister.”

“Innovative new interactive entertainment”

“Orlando’s hottest new date night experience”

“Thrilling Theater”

“One of Orlando’s Most Uniquely Entertaining Experiences”

“a logistical triumph … above and beyond”

“I quickly found myself tumbling down a rabbit hole”

“very impressive … I will be eagerly awaiting their next event”

“most satisfying specialty haunt”

“a great freaky night”

“very personal and isolating”

“a visceral experience that left me shaking”


This was one of the best experiences of my life!”

Steven M.

“What a mind blowing experience!”

David Z.

“Amazing wonderful fantastic. Especially for non-theatrical or shy type people. I’ve never seen someone come out of their shell like my friends did. This is an amazing and empowering experience”

Allison F.

“Felt like a kid again cause you use your imagination, acting, questioning, not knowing who to trust, mystery at every corner.”

Helen M.

“It like immersive theatre and a choose your own adventure book had a love child. Do not pass this up.”

Jonna N.

“I’ve been waiting 3 years for immersive theater to come to Orlando, and The Republic did not disappoint.”

Jess P.

I love immersive theater, and have been to some excellent shows in the past (e.g. Sleep No More) — When Shadows Fall does not disappoint.

Steve S.

This was one the best experiences ever.

Amanda S.

This place and these people will help you find a part of yourself you didn’t know even existed inside of you.

10/10 will absolutely go again.

Audra H.

Some might compare this to an escape room, but this is so much more and so much better. I can’t wait to do it again!

Benjamin S.

From the moment you walk in you are completely and effortlessly surrounded by the world created for this experience.

David Z.

Thank you for creating an experience worth talking about.

Heather F.

“A one of a kind experience.”

Mallory V.

“The best part was talking to my friends about it after! There was still so much to uncover about our shared experience.”

Wes S.

“I have done a lot of these immersive shows and this one is one of the top!”

Jessie S.

“I literally could have stayed there for hours on end interacting with everyone. I cannot wait for the next production.”

Jess D.

“A Study of Dreams was absolutely unforgettable. A one of a kind experience.”

Nathaniel T.

“educational, troubling, and rather enlightening”

Kenneth S.

“began to blur my perception of what was really going on in my life vs. the production”


“It felt as if my actions were truly having consequences to the story.”

Daniel B.

“I was invested.
I was angry.
I was absolutely torn.”

Phillip C.

It was like stepping into another person’s life and seeing things through their eyes.

Matt G.

“if you ever wanted to experience an episode of American Horror Story in real life this is for you”

Amanda S.

“I was torn between lingering in the rooms to look at everything, and hurrying to the next scene to see what was waiting there!

Xan K.

“visually appealing and stimulated my senses”

Joshua G.

“It like immersive theatre and a choose your own adventure book had a love child. Do not pass this up.”

Jonna N.

“I entered feeling nervous but left feeling insatiable.”

Megan B.